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Have you been charged with kidnapping?

Statistics show that in America a child goes missing every 40 seconds; that is over 2100 per day; over 800,000 children go missing each year. Kidnapping is not confined to just children but can include adults. If you have been accused of or arrested for kidnapping, turn to an Olathe criminal defense lawyer for help. If you feel the facts do not constitute kidnapping, you may be confused about the charge. Regardless of how innocent you feel you are, you are advised to talk only to a qualified Kansas kidnapping defense lawyer. I have years of experience in Johnson County in helping individuals to protect their rights when they have been charged with this crime. I can help you understand the charges against you and give you sound advice as to how to proceed.

Kidnapping Defense Attorney Serving Johnson County

Kidnapping in Kansas Is defined as a taking or confining of a person accomplished by force, threat or deception and does not depend upon any distance the person is taken or any period of time. Kidnapping is a felony and you are entitled to and should have a lawyer present during any questioning by law enforcement agents. As a suspect you do not have to answer any questions put to you by law enforcement personnel. Prosecutors and police officers take a serious view of kidnapping and will not simply accept your word that you are innocent. The penalties will be severe if you are convicted.

An experienced kidnapping lawyer will take action quickly to investigate the facts in a case and interview witnesses to unearth evidence which police investigators may have overlooked to help a client build a compelling defense. Do not try to deal with any felony charge without representation by a skillful criminal defense lawyer who is determined to succeed. Call John E. Harvell, PA immediately for a consultation. Do not allow your right to be violated.

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