Olathe Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with possession of marijuana in Johnson County?

Although marijuana is not considered as dangerous a drug as other illicit drugs such as heroin or PCP, it can still cause you to be charged with a serious drug crime, especially depending on the amount of marijuana on hand. Marijuana that is used for sale, trafficking, cultivation or importation can be considered a felony and carry harsh penalties. Fines are several thousand dollars and a conviction can include prison time. For those arrested for possession of marijuana, contact an Olathe criminal defense attorney to get the information you need regarding the legal steps needed to fight your charges.

Skilled Olathe Marijuana Attorney

When facing marijuana charges you need to retain an effective criminal defense lawyer. My firm at The Law Office of John Harvell can help you through this difficult time in defending your rights. As a former prosecutor, I have extensive experience in how the prosecution puts their case together and can therefore prepare your defense based on my knowledge. Fighting for your freedom is my goal, by putting together a strong defense that will challenge any procedural errors they law enforcement may have made and challenging evidence. I also have successfully tried numerous cases and can aggressively represent you in court, if necessary.

Don't risk your future on what you think might be a minor marijuana charge. A drug conviction can affect the rest of your life. Having a drug crime on your record can possibly keep you from obtaining certain jobs, affect housing and loan prospects and increase your insurance rates.

I work hard on behalf of my clients and am dedicated to attempting to get your charges reduced or even dismissed, if at all possible. I provide you personal attention and can serve you in Olathe, Johnson County and Kansas.

When charged with marijuana possession, contact an Olathe marijuana lawyer today.