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Explaining Consequences of Domestic Battery

According to Kansas law, domestic battery is defined as the intentional and reckless cause of bodily harm to another member of your family unit. This can also mean physical contact in general if is it is done in an insulting or angry manner. For this type of crime, first offense is considered a misdemeanor; those successfully convicted will run the risk of no less than two days spent in jail or prison and up to six months of imprisonment. They will also be fined between $200 and $500, and will have the potential to be mandatorily enrolled in a domestic violence prevention program. Consequential arrests and convictions will cause an increase in the severity of the crime.

Why hire an Olathe domestic battery defense attorney?

If you are facing a charge of domestic violence in Johnson County, it is absolutely vital that you do not hesitate to contact an Olathe criminal lawyer. Beyond the sheer effect of the penalties that you will face, you will find that a successful conviction of domestic will branch out to affect many different areas of your life. For example, the sheer existence of a criminal record will hinder you in almost every way possible, causing it to be difficult to do such normal things as finding new employment, purchase a new home or secure a financial loan.

I, John Harvell, am compassionate to the need for aggressive, comprehensive legal advice in situations such as this. I understand how daunting your circumstances may appear, but I want you to know, it is not impossible. There are many different types of defenses that can be utilized in my efforts to protect you, and you can be confident that I will leave no stone unturned. By crafting a tailor-made, personalized solution for you, you can be confident that I will work tirelessly in my efforts to help you reach your optimum outcome.

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