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Property Division in Johnson County

For divorcing parties, one of their greatest concerns revolves around asset distribution, and naturally so. As an Olathe divorce attorney and the founder of The Law Office of John Harvell, I am here to offer you the knowledgeable guidance and support that you need during this difficult time.

As an attorney with nearly 30 years of experience, you can look to my credentials to further solidify why I am the lawyer to trust with your divorce case.

Kansas is an Equitable Distribution State

In Kansas, the majority of property and debt issues are settled between the divorcing parties by a signed marital settlement agreement; however, if the parties cannot reach an agreement, then the property award will be ordered and decreed by the district court.

Kansas is an "equitable distribution" state where equitable does not necessarily mean equal. Instead of dividing property 50/50, the court divides property according to what it considers fair given the couple's circumstances.

When making a property award, the court will consider the following factors:

  • The age of both parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Each spouse's present and future earning capacity
  • The property owned by each spouse
  • The sources and manner which property was acquired
  • The dissipation (squandering) of assets
  • Family ties and obligations
  • Tax consequences on each party
  • Any other factors the court deems relevant

The divorce decree will divide the real and personal property and debts of both spouses. If the spouses do not reach an agreement on their own, the district court will divide the property and debts in a fair, just and equitable manner, regardless of the source or manner the property was acquired.

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As an Olathe divorce lawyer, I understand how important it is that my clients reach a fair divorce settlement that they are satisfied with. Since the outcome of your divorce proceedings hinges on your attorney's ability to negotiate and skillfully present facts before a judge, you simply cannot afford to hire an inexperienced trial lawyer.

With nearly 30 years of experience, I am well-equipped to negotiate fair divorce settlements. I urge you to contact me to discuss your case – I look forward to assisting you and bringing clarity to your case!

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