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Before beginning any case defense, my top priority is to understand where each individual is coming from. As a former prosecutor, I have the experience and knowledge necessary to create solid case defenses for my clients. When individuals seek out my help, they know that they can rest assured that I will do all that I can on their behalf. Having achieved numerous positive verdicts resulting in diminished penalties and even case dismissals, it is evident that my firm provides reliable and dedicated service.
  • Client serving less than three years Drug Conspiracy - Federal District Court
    Client with two prior drug cases and facing a life imprisonment sentence. The case was resolved to an amended charge with client serving less than three years.
  • Reduced Sentence Child Pornography - Federal District Court
    Successful with downward departure at sentencing.
  • Charges Dismissed, No Suspension. DUI
    Both the criminal DUI charge in Leawood was dismissed as well as the driver's license suspension.
  • Probation, No Jail Distribution of Hydrocodone
  • All Charges Dismissed Distribution of Cocaine
    Client's immigration status in jeopardy with charge. All charges dismissed.
  • Probation, No Jail Time Sale of Cocaine
    18 months probation - No jail time.
  • Not Guilty Verdict Domestic Violence
    Between 2006 and 2010, over 12 cases taken to trial and Defendant found not guilty.
  • Probation Granted Rape
  • Charges Dropped Felony Aggravated Vehicular Battery
    Defendant served 9 days jail and case terminated. No probation.
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