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Drug Paraphernalia in Olathe

Drug Crimes for Possession or Sale of Paraphernalia

When considering drug crimes, many people simply assume it relates strictly to the drugs themselves, whether they are marijuana or methamphetamines. There are, however, many intricate drug laws that branch out much further than that. For example, in Kansas recently there has been a focus on the possession and sale of drug paraphernalia and other drug accessories. The state has recognized drug paraphernalia to be such items as glass/metal pipes, bongs, water pipes, scales, and other similar articles.

If you are found to be selling drug paraphernalia, with the intention of the item to be used to either consume or ingest illegal drugs, you can face severe penalties such as extended time incarcerated, and steep monetary fines. The severity of the punishment will depend on many different factors in the individual case, including things such as place sold, amount sold, and age of the person sold to. On the other hand, if you are found to be in possession of marijuana paraphernalia for personal use, you will face a misdemeanor crime that can carry fives up to $2,500 and a year imprisoned.

Why Hire a Drug Crime Lawyer in Olathe?

The laws surrounding paraphernalia are endlessly complex and often vary with the many different factors that can be included in your individual case. To ensure that you are given the strongest possible chance of success, do not hesitate to contact an Olathe criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. I, John Harvell, am compassionate to the stress, fear and confusion that can accompany crimes of this nature. If you choose to secure my assistance in combating your criminal charges, you can breathe easier knowing that I will do everything in my power to help protect your rights.

Contact an Olathe drug crime lawyer if you have recently been charged with the possession or sale of drug paraphernalia.

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