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Criminal Defense

Olathe Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending Your Rights in Olathe and Johnson County

As a an experienced criminal defense attorney who has been defending people for over 20 years in Olathe, Kansas and Johnson County, I know exactly what you're going through when you are arrested for a criminal offense. You are most likely shocked and frightened about what's going to happen to you. Entering the criminal justice system can be overwhelming, especially if you have never been arrested before. Now is the time to choose an attorney who can do something about your charges.

With experience as a former prosecutor, I am well versed in what the prosecution is looking for when seeking a conviction. Knowing what to look for when mounting a defense for my clients is vital to the outcome of your case. At my firm, The Law Office of John Harvell, you will find that I have extensive experience at trial, having successfully defended numerous clients against their criminal charges.

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What to Expect in the Criminal Justice System

Following your arrest, you can expect to be held in jail until you are formally charged at arraignment, at which time you may be able to obtain bail until a court hearing date is scheduled. The earlier you retain legal counsel, the better your chances of defending your right to freedom. I cannot stress how vital it is to not speak with the police or prosecutors regarding your case, as they often trick people into admitting guilt through misguiding them.

The legal process is not a simple one. You need to consult with a professional who knows what they're doing and can pick apart the prosecution's case to improve your chances of a plea bargain or dismissal of your charges. I believe in aggressive pursuit of your constitutional rights and am dedicated to doing everything possible for my clients when their freedom is at stake.

Motion to Suppress

A Motion to Suppress is the legal tool used to challenge an illegal search. Mr. Harvell's law firm files motions to suppress frequently and aggressively argues these cases before the courts. In the event the Judge agrees and sustains the motion to suppress, the exclusionary rule requires that all of the evidence seized after that illegal search is suppressed and cannot be used as evidence in the case.

State Felony Charges

Warrant. If you are arrested on an allegation of a felony charge, you can be held in custody and charged while in custody. In that situation, you will have a First Appearance the following day at 1:30pm. At that first appearance, your bond will be set. Prior to making your first appearance, you may be interviewed by the Probation Department for a recommendation to the Judge on bond conditions, bond supervision, house arrest and the amount of bond.

Bond Conditions. When you post a cash bond or a surety bond, there will be bond conditions. Frequently, those bond conditions are no possession of a firearm and no consumption of alcohol.

Bond Supervision. You may be placed on bond supervision. That means that you will be required to meet with a probation officer on a regular basis and submit to random urinalysis. If you fail to successfully complete those urinalyses, you could have your bond revoked and be placed in jail. It is also common that you will have to complete treatment while on bond supervision. There is a charge for bond supervision.

House Arrest. Judges frequently add a condition of bond supervision or require that you be placed on House Arrest. If the Judge determines that you create a risk to yourself or the community, you could have to be placed on House Arrest. In Johnson County, House Arrest is supervised by electronic monitoring. You take an electronic monitor home, which has a breath testing machine and a monitor. That device will call you randomly and make sure that you are home when required and not consuming alcohol or drugs.

Felonies: Battery, Aggravated Battery, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Residential Burglary, Aggravated Residential Burglary, Robbery, Aggravated Robbery, Criminal Damage to Property, Domestic Violence, Fleeing & Eluding, Criminal Terroristic Threat, Sexual Battery, Aggravated Sexual Battery, Indecent Liberties with a Child, Solicitation of a Minor by Internet and Rape

  • Kansas Counties (but not limited to): Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Douglas County, Leavenworth County, Franklin County, Miami County, Linn County, etc.
  • Sentencing. Presentence Investigation and LSIR Inventory.

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Why Choose John Harvell?

  • Build Compelling Defense Strategies That More Effectively Protect My Clients' Rights
  • Highly Knowledgeable Regarding All Major Updates to Kansas DUI Laws
  • Former Prosecutor, Understanding Both Sides of The Courtroom
  • Nearly 30 Years Representing Clients Throughout Kansas

Client Testimonials

    "Successful defense"
    Mr. Harvell and I worked closely together and created a successful defense on both the driver's license suspension and the DUI charge.
    - DC
    "Withdraw the motion"
    ...the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the motion.
    - CP
    "Case was dismissed"
    After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.
    - RB
    "Charges were dismissed"
    Mr. Harvell filed a Motion to Suppress because of an illegal car search. Prior to trial, the charges were dismissed.
    - TC
    "Request for diversion"
    My work requires a security clearance, and it was very important that I did not receive a conviction for this matter.
    - AT
    "Important result"
    I am from a foreign country and was facing deportation. This was a very important result.
    - CK
    "Charges dismissed"
    After I hired Mr. Harvell, he contacted my witnesses and convinced the prosecution that charges should be dismissed.
    - MM
    "You rock John"
    This is such a relief. You rock John.
    - RK