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Child Support

Olathe Child Support Attorney

Child Support in Johnson County

If you are a parent who is headed for divorce, child support is probably weighing heavily on your mind. Will you be ordered to pay child support? Or, if not, how much will you receive? As the founder of The Law Office of John Harvell, I have nearly 30years of experience practicing law and I am fully prepared to guide you through your child support case.

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How much child support will be ordered?

When determining how much child support will be ordered, the court will consider all relevant factors, including:

  • The financial resources and needs of both parents.
  • The child's needs.
  • The physical and emotional condition of the child.

The Kansas Supreme Court has adopted child support guidelines which are used as a basis when determining a child support order. These guidelines are based on the philosophy that both parents share in the duty to support their children based on their contribution of the combined family income; therefore, a portion of each parent's income is allocated to their children.

In Kansas, child support continues until the child turns 18; however, if the child turns 18 and he or she is still in high school, then child support will continue until June 30 of the school year during which the child turns 18.

Child support can be change if there has been a significant change in circumstances, but it can only be changed for future payments, not past due payments. A parent should contact an attorney right away to see if a child support order can be lowered since support can only be lowered for future payments.

Contact an Olathe divorce lawyer today!

As an experienced Olathe divorce attorney, I would be more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding child support and child support modifications with a consulation. If you are getting a divorce, I can provide you with the compassionate, yet aggressive representation you need during this difficult time.

Please contact me today to discuss your child support matter in further detail – I will explain your rights and obligations in clear, easy to understand terms.

Why Choose John Harvell?

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Client Testimonials

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    Mr. Harvell and I worked closely together and created a successful defense on both the driver's license suspension and the DUI charge.
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    "Withdraw the motion"
    ...the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the motion.
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    "Case was dismissed"
    After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.
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    Mr. Harvell filed a Motion to Suppress because of an illegal car search. Prior to trial, the charges were dismissed.
    - TC
    "Request for diversion"
    My work requires a security clearance, and it was very important that I did not receive a conviction for this matter.
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    "Important result"
    I am from a foreign country and was facing deportation. This was a very important result.
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    After I hired Mr. Harvell, he contacted my witnesses and convinced the prosecution that charges should be dismissed.
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    This is such a relief. You rock John.
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