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Johnson County Spousal Abuse Lawyer

Defending Against Charges of Spousal Abuse

If you are facing a charge of domestic battery or other form of spousal abuse the situation is extremely dangerous. I am Johnson County domestic violence lawyer John E. Harvell, and as a trial lawyer and former prosecutor, I am ready to take action for you. I have been practicing law for over 20 years and focus all of my abilities on defending the criminally accused. I believe that good people can be falsely accused or make mistakes, and that they deserve fair treatment. I give every case I take on my personal best, and with years of experience serving on the "other side," I know what it takes to win in court.

Spousal Abuse Penalties in Johnson County

Charges of spousal abuse and domestic violence be filed for any type of physical assault, criminal damage to property, aggravated battery, or domestic battery. You can be arrested and charged for spousal abuse even in cases in which there has been no injury or actual physical contact. An accusation that you threatened harm, and that the alleged victim was in fear of imminent danger is enough to bring the police to your door, and an arrest to be made. If this is the first time you have been charged with spousal abuse or domestic violence, you are facing a class B misdemeanor charge, up to 6 months in jail, a $500 fine, loss of visitation rights, and you will lose the ability to possess a firearm. You will also be required attend treatment programs, which must be completed, at your own expense. If this is a 2nd charge for spousal abuse, you can be facing up to a year in prison and as much as $7,500 in fines, based upon the facts in the case. Get legal representation from my firm at once if you are in this position.

If you are facing false accusations as the other party is seeking revenge or hoping to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody legal matter, this is a very dangerous situation for you. In some instances, the accuser is actually the person who attacked you, and you were forced to defend against the attack. It is interesting to note that men are far less likely to report that they are victims of spousal abuse, but this is recognized as a serious issue.

Contact my firm to take action. You have rights, and you can be confident that I will zealously defend you.

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  • Nearly 30 years representing clients throughout Kansas

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  • “After I hired Mr. Harvell, he contacted my witnesses and convinced the prosecution that charges should be dismissed.”


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  • “Mr. Harvell filed a Motion to Suppress because of an illegal car search. Prior to trial, the charges were dismissed.”


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  • “After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.”