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Violated Your Probation? Why it is Time to Call an Attorney.


Individuals who are convicted of criminal offenses can face any number of penalties depending on the severity of the crime committed. One of the penalties that is commonly imposed down is probation. In some cases probation can be used in place of incarceration. In other cases it is part of the sentence that must be served after an individual has completed a term of incarceration, but the court wants the individual supervised, and he or she will be allowed to serve the remainder of the sentence on probation.

When an individual is granted probation the judge will lay out very clear and specific terms which must be met. Maintaining contact with your probation officer through scheduled meeting times, staying away from alcohol or drugs, not violating any additional laws or becoming involved in any new criminal activities, completing all assigned community service, and paying restitution as ordered are just some of the more common terms associated with probations in Olathe and throughout Kansas. Any violation of the terms of your probation could lead to the revocation of your probation and to your immediate incarceration. Once your probation has been revoked you may end up serving the rest of your sentence behind bars which could have a serious impact on your family and your future.

It is true that not all probation violations are intentional, however it also holds true that any probation violation could put your freedom and future at risk. It is advised that you seek counsel from Mr. Harvell, a skilled criminal defense attorney in Olathe, if you have violated the terms of your probation, or are accused of this crime. When you contact The Law Office of John Harvell you will meet with me to review your situation. At that time I will advise you of your legal rights, encourage you to fulfill your probation obligations and advocate aggressively on your behalf. Your actions and my legal efforts can help demonstrate to the judge that not only are you a responsible individual, but you are making a decided effort to fulfill the terms of your probation. I will then work diligently to convince the judge to allow you to continue your term of probation and avoid more jail or prison time.

If you want an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight hard to help you prevent the revocation of your probation, you need to contact an Olathe criminal defense lawyer at my firm today.