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Lenexa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Strong Criminal Defense in Lenexa, KS

If you are facing criminal charges, then you are going to need legal representation from a Lenexa criminal defense attorney with experience and a successful track record. At my firm, the Law Office of John Harvell, I have been practicing law for over 20 years. I can provide you with far more than a new and inexperienced attorney, or a public defender. As a former prosecutor, I have learned how the legal system works from both sides of the fence. I use my well-rounded knowledge of the criminal justice system to help my clients obtain the most favorable outcome in their criminal case. At all times, I strive to seek out and achieve a successful case result that will have the least negative impact on my client's lives.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation in Lenexa

My firm is proud to represent clients facing a wide range of criminal offense charges. If you were pulled over for a first time DUI, I can help. My firm can also help those who are contending with license suspensions who wish to retain their driving privileges or who wish to get them back. I can also assist young adults who have been charged with minor in possession or consumption of alcohol.

If you have been accused of domestic battery by a significant other, or family member, I can provide you with an excellent domestic violence defense. If you have been charged with criminal damage to property, or any type of drug crime, I can help you as well. For serious violent crimes such as aggravated battery, or manslaughter, I will do everything possible to search for and unearth any mitigating circumstances that might get your charges reduced and your penalties made less severe.

Criminal Attorney Working on Your Behalf

Regardless if you have been charged with kidnapping, theft, burglary, or if you are facing a minor traffic offense, you deserve aggressive legal representation. At my firm, I am prepared to use my prior experience as a prosecutor to help you achieve the greatest possible outcome in your criminal case. I am not here to judge you; I am here to offer a lending hand during the most difficult time in your life. I urge you to contact my firm to schedule a private consultation where we can discuss the details of your case and develop a unique defense strategy.

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Why Choose John Harvell?

  • Build Compelling Defense Strategies That More Effectively Protect My Clients' Rights
  • Highly Knowledgeable Regarding All Major Updates to Kansas DUI Laws
  • Former Prosecutor, Understanding Both Sides of The Courtroom
  • Nearly 30 Years Representing Clients Throughout Kansas

Client Testimonials

    "Successful defense"
    Mr. Harvell and I worked closely together and created a successful defense on both the driver's license suspension and the DUI charge.
    - DC
    "Withdraw the motion"
    ...the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the motion.
    - CP
    "Case was dismissed"
    After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.
    - RB
    "Charges were dismissed"
    Mr. Harvell filed a Motion to Suppress because of an illegal car search. Prior to trial, the charges were dismissed.
    - TC
    "Request for diversion"
    My work requires a security clearance, and it was very important that I did not receive a conviction for this matter.
    - AT
    "Important result"
    I am from a foreign country and was facing deportation. This was a very important result.
    - CK
    "Charges dismissed"
    After I hired Mr. Harvell, he contacted my witnesses and convinced the prosecution that charges should be dismissed.
    - MM
    "You rock John"
    This is such a relief. You rock John.
    - RK