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Mission Criminal Attorney

Facing criminal charges in Mission?

There is probably nothing more frightening than facing going to jail or prison, especially if this is your first brush with the wrong side of the law. You are probably very nervous about what your future holds and what will happen to you during the criminal process. At my firm, the Law Office of John Harvell, as a Mission criminal lawyer, I have been practicing law for over 20 years and I can provide you with honest answers to all of your questions.

What sets me apart from your average public defender or new attorney is not only my years of experience, but my prior experience as a prosecutor. With my former experience in these areas of law, I have an advantage over other law firms. I have an intimate knowledge of how the prosecutors and judges think and act, and I use that knowledge to my client's advantage at all times.

Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am proud to help clients facing various types of criminal charges including but not limited to: DUI, domestic violence, domestic battery, criminal damage to property, and all other forms of domestic violence defense. I can assist those facing charges for drug crime charges such as drug possession, drug paraphernalia, marijuana crimes, methamphetamine crimes and other misdemeanor or felony drug charges. For those facing charges for aggravated battery or even manslaughter, I am here to help.

My firm can also assist clients in a variety of other criminal defense practice areas including: traffic cases, disorderly conduct, theft crimes, expungements, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, burglary and cases of driving on a suspended license or driving with no insurance.

Why You Need an Attorney

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, or if you are under investigation for a crime, I highly suggest that you refrain from speaking to law enforcement until after you have retained legal representation. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. I strongly urge you to contact my firm right away to schedule an initial consultation. After I review the specifics of your case, I will be able to tailor a defense strategy on your behalf. In every case I take on, I strive to help my clients reach the most favorable outcome possible considering their circumstances. You deserve a chance to have your side of the story told, having an attorney with extensive legal experience will give you the greatest chances of reaching a favorable case result in the charges against you.

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Why Choose John Harvell

  • Nearly 30 years representing clients throughout Kansas

  • Former prosecutor, understanding both sides of the courtoom

  • Highly knowledgeable regarding all major updates to Kansas DUI laws

  • Build compelling defense strategies that more effectively protect my clients' rights

Client Testimonials

  • “My husband walked away with a small misdemeanor, and able to come back home.”


  • “When anybody asks me if I know an attorney, I always have and will tell them, John Harvell.”


  • “After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.”


  • “We certainly appreciate you guiding us through this journey.”


  • “He set up a plan of action which truly saved not just me but my whole family from hardship.”