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A criminal conviction can wreak havoc on every aspect of your personal and professional life, causing life-lasting consequences for years to come. When you are facing jail or prison sentencing, high monetary fines, community service, possible victim restitution, driver's license suspension and probation or parole, your situation demands a highly qualified Mission Hills criminal defense attorney from my firm, The Law Office of John Harvell

For over 20 years I have been defending clients against all types of criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, I have a thorough knowledge of how the prosecution and judges think and act. I use this extensive knowledge to benefit my clients at all stages of the criminal process. At times I may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor, the judge, or even before a case ever makes it to trial. Your future and your family are important to me and I will stop at nothing to make your situation more positive in every way that I can.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Mission Hills

I am adept at handling various types of misdemeanor and felony crimes in both the state and federal courts alike. Whether you are facing charges for DUI or DWI, or a drug crime, I can help. I have also defended juveniles against juvenile crime charges, and professional businessmen and women against white collar crimes. If you have been charged with a traffic offense, domestic violence, or domestic battery, I can provide you with meticulous and aggressive representation.

I believe everybody deserves a chance to have their story told, whether they are facing charges for disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, aggravated battery or even serious accusations of manslaughter. Regardless of what led you to your charges, I am on your side and I will fight tooth and nail to provide you with the highest quality criminal defense representation available.

If you or someone you love is currently entangled in the criminal justice system, I urge you to contact my office to schedule a one-on-one, private consultation with me. I am more than happy to pour over the details of your case and give you my advice as how best to proceed forward. You deserve a top-notch attorney fighting in your corner when law enforcement is against you, I would be pleased to be the one to do it. Call me today.

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For aggressive legal representation, contact a criminal attorney in Mission Hills from the firm without delay!

Why Choose John Harvell

  • Nearly 30 years representing clients throughout Kansas

  • Former prosecutor, understanding both sides of the courtoom

  • Highly knowledgeable regarding all major updates to Kansas DUI laws

  • Build compelling defense strategies that more effectively protect my clients' rights

Client Testimonials

  • “After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.”


  • “very reassuring, confident, and personally invested in helping me with the legal issues”


  • “I have been very pleased with John’s professionalism and understanding and could not have chosen a better lawyer.”


  • “This is such a relief. You rock John.”


  • “Both the driver's license suspension was dismissed and found not guilty DUI.”