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If you have recently been charged with a crime of any kind, then you are already well aware of the stress and emotional turmoil that something of this nature can have on your life. Criminal charges can have severe and devastating ramifications on your life, successful convictions leading to such punishments as extended stays in prison or jail, steep monetary fines and the existence of a crippling criminal record. These types of ramifications will haunt you for the rest of your life, forever altering how you imagined your life to be. For this reason, you should not hesitate to contact an Overland Park criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Why hire a criminal attorney in Overland Park?

I, John Harvell, have over 20 years of experience in the area of criminal defense. Having served as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, I have the unique experience of having seen these types of cases being carried out from every angle in the courtroom. I am able to offer my legal guidance regardless of the charges that you are currently facing, and I will fight tirelessly to help you achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

There are numerous DUI charges that one can be accused of in Overland Park and the surrounding areas. The penalties for a DUI conviction, similar to the penalties for drug crimes, increase with every subsequent conviction. You must take immediate action after you have been charged with a crime to make sure that your rights are protected from the outset. By calling our office and retaining the services of a tough, experience Overland Park DUI Attorney you are giving yourself and your case the best shot for a good outcome. If you have been accused of violent crimes like domestic violence or aggravated battery, you need a highly knowledgeable attorney who can construct a strong defense case that will stand up in court. I utilize my extensive courtroom experience to build compelling defense cases that are tailored to each client's unique situation.

When your son or daughter has been accused of juvenile crimes in Overland Park, you must take action to protect their rights and their future. Being convicted of a crime will seriously alter one's life regardless of their age, and I am here to help you fight for reduced or dropped charges. If you are currently at risk of being convicted of a criminal charge, it is imperative that you do not waste any time in securing the assistance of a lawyer you can trust. I understand the gravity of this need and work diligently to provide my clients the high-quality level of legal guidance that they deserve. By working closely with my clients and exploring every avenue available to me, I am often able to assist in the effort to achieve a desired outcome.

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Why Choose John Harvell

  • Nearly 30 years representing clients throughout Kansas

  • Former prosecutor, understanding both sides of the courtoom

  • Highly knowledgeable regarding all major updates to Kansas DUI laws

  • Build compelling defense strategies that more effectively protect my clients' rights

Client Testimonials

  • “After appearing for a hearing to revoke probation, the case was dismissed.”


  • “After I hired Mr. Harvell, he contacted my witnesses and convinced the prosecution that charges should be dismissed.”


  • “My husband walked away with a small misdemeanor, and able to come back home.”


  • “I was able to follow his recommendations and get Diversion instead of a potential misdemeanor or felony.”


  • “very reassuring, confident, and personally invested in helping me with the legal issues”