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Prairie Village Criminal Attorney

Skilled Criminal Defense in Prairie Village, KS

Facing allegations of a criminal offense is no laughing matter. An ultimate criminal conviction will have permanent, life-altering consequences that you want to avoid at all costs. At my firm, The Law Office of John Harvell, I have been practicing law in Prairie Village and all throughout Kansas and Johnson County for more than 20 years. As a former prosecuting attorney, I am confident that I have the knowledge and experience you need to provide you with an excellent defense.

As a seasoned Prairie Village criminal defense attorney, I can defend clients in virtually any type of criminal offense. I understand how intimidating the criminal justice system is and as a former prosecutor, I have an intimate knowledge of how the opposition thinks and acts. I use my past experience to my client's full advantage at the bargaining table, during negotiations and during trial.

Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Whether you are facing a DUI in Kansas, or if your son or daughter is facing a minor in possession or consumption of alcohol charge, I can provide you with skilled legal representation. My firm can also assist those that have been accused of domestic violence, criminal damage to property, or domestic battery against a spouse or other member of your household.

My firm frequently handles cases involving drug crimes ranging from drug possession, to drug paraphernalia, to marijuana crimes, misdemeanor drug charges or felony drug charges. I can also assist you in cases involving aggravated battery or even manslaughter.

If you were arrested for disorderly conduct, a white collar crime, kidnapping, theft, burglary, resisting arrest, or a probation violation, I can help you tailor a strong and effective defense strategy.

My firm can also assist clients who need help with their traffic cases, or expungements. If you are a parent who needs aggressive representation for their son or daughter who has been charged with a juvenile crime, I can help them through the criminal process while trying to avoid harsh penalties. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, I will make every attempt to explain what you are up against as well as any alternative sentencing that you may be eligible for. In every case I take on, I advocate on behalf of my client's legal rights and I will make every effort to get your penalties reduced or dismissed wherever possible.

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Why Choose John Harvell

  • Nearly 30 years representing clients throughout Kansas

  • Former prosecutor, understanding both sides of the courtoom

  • Highly knowledgeable regarding all major updates to Kansas DUI laws

  • Build compelling defense strategies that more effectively protect my clients' rights

Client Testimonials

  • “He set up a plan of action which truly saved not just me but my whole family from hardship.”


  • “The whole case was seen one sided but John luckily fight for my side and got me the outcome that was fair.”


  • “Thank you for listening to me, my Mom and Sister”


  • “...the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the motion.”


  • “Mr. Harvell filed a Motion to Suppress because of an illegal car search. Prior to trial, the charges were dismissed.”